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Positively Real Podcast

Positively Real Podcast

Hosted by: Brittny King

When Brittny asked those in her life what her superpower was, they ALL said "positivity." It's true; even during the dark periods of her life, Brittny has maintained a genuine positive attitude. It's been so...


How to Set Intentions with New Moon Rituals with Shenna Jean

Season #1 Episode #6

What do emojis, hot air balloons, being in nature, yoga, the Kansas Jayhawks, live music, rosé and personality assessments all have in common? They are all loved by Shenna Jean. Who is Shenna Jean you ask? She is a...
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Season One Recap

Season #1 Episode #30

“It’s about waking up and paying attention”“Pick a mantra for life””You feel like you want to puke? Great! That’s a sign that you’re going in the right direction”“I just decided to declare war on my own comfort...
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The Dark Side of Positivity

Season #1 Episode #29

“Everything is fine!”, “focus on the positive!”, “Hey, it could always be worse!”How many times has someone said these phrases to you?! Better yet, how often are you using these little phrases - with others or...
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How to Make Self-Doubt an Ally

Season #1 Episode #28

Is it just me or with all the current unknowns in our lives does it feel like we’re more doubtful than ever and questioning everything? Today I want to discuss how and why doubt is necessary and can be a good thing....
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How to Practice Self-Care Through Discomfort with Alex Bradberry

Season #1 Episode #27

All that glitters may not be gold, however, at The Sparkle Bar in Scottsdale, AZ, Alex Bradberry (Co-Founder & Keeper of the Checkbook) and her team will make sure you leave feeling 100% glam. Alex is an...
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Astrology Update with Katie Zeman

Season #1 Episode #26

Q: What is going onnnn with our planet? A: What ISN’T going on?!Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how intertwined our lives are with not just our communities and on our planet but with ALL of the other circling...
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How to Love Yourself Through Hard Times with Sabi Kerr

Season #1 Episode #25

The Positively Real Podcast is back with someone super special! I couldn’t be more excited to share this special soul with the Positively Real Community. Sabi Kerr is a self-love coach and yoga teacher. She guides...
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My Commitment to Anti-Racism

Season #1 Episode #24

After one week of listening and learning, I wanted to come on and share where I’m at on a personal level with the #blacklivesmatter movement.If I can be totally honest, I feel a bit ashamed that it’s taken something...
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How Mindfulness Saved Me From Myself

Season #1 Episode #23

I’m back! With another solo episode and I have to admit, these are TOUGH for me. But that tells me a couple things - a) I need to keep doing them and b) it’s from the challenges that we grow, but I digress. This...
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How to Reintegrate with Dr. Keiko & Dr. Sera

Season #1 Episode #22

Repeat guests are kind of my thing which is why on this week's episode I have Dr. Sera & Dr. Keiko of Kinfolk Optimal Living back with me to discuss all things reintegration as we navigate a ‘return’ to our former...
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Celebrating National Women's Health Week

Season #1 Episode #21

Oftentimes when we think of health we maybe think about how often we’re going to the gym or getting physical activity. Other times we may think of it as what we’re eating or how we’re treating ourselves and others.As...
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You Are Enough with Matt Peterson

Season #1 Episode #20

Keepin’ it short and sweet and positive on this week’s episode of The Positively Real Podcast with Matt Peterson (back again!) interviewing me! We recap our last session before Matt takes the reigns, flips the script,...
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