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Positively Real Podcast

Positively Real Podcast

Hosted by: Brittny King

When Brittny asked those in her life what her superpower was, they ALL said "positivity." It's true; even during the dark periods of her life, Brittny has maintained a genuine positive attitude. It's been so...


Appreciating the Freedoms I Have

Season #2 Episode #102

Last week Brittny shared about how to overcome feelings of hopelessness and despair and this week she’s piggybacking on that to discuss freedom and gratitude for the opportunities and daily things she’s afforded in...
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Overcoming Despair When Reality Feels Heavy

Season #2 Episode #101

Since the overturn of Roe v. Wade, the state of our country has felt a bit darker which is why Brittny is bringing you this episode all on how to work through feelings of hopelessness and despair. As we continue to...
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Using Mind Management to Create My Own Positive Birthing Experience

Season #2 Episode #100

Brittny is sharing all the details and her experience with giving birth - from the moment she found out she was pregnant through holding her baby girl in her arms. When sharing the exciting news of pregnancy with...
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Mourning Your Past Self

Season #2 Episode #99

Brittny is sharing all the deets on how she mourns her past self while also celebrating her new life as a mother. Although she thought this experience would be easy (because social media makes it look that way...
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Re-Air: Celebrating Pride Month with DeQuan Lewis

Season #2 Episode #98

Brittny is kicking off Pride Month 2022 by re-airing an episode with DeQuan Lewis where they discuss self-expression, unconscious bias and conditioning, and how to be an advocate for the LGBTQUIA+ community. DeQuan...
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What Does It Take To Become Unstoppable with Niyc Pidgeon

Season #2 Episode #97

Brittny is joined by 'The Girl Who Made Elon Musk Cry' a.k.a. Niyc Pidgeon. Niyc is a leader with a high level network of clients and business friends, and supports coaches to grow 6 & 7-figure Coaching Businesses...
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How to Overcome the Hidden, Internal Obstacles That Hold You Back From Achieving Your Goals With Morgan Beard

Season #2 Episode #96

This week Brittny is joined by fellow coach and creative, Morgan Beard. Morgan has dedicated her life to using creativity to heal and empower. From learning to manage depression and anxiety at the age of 13 she made...
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Bonus Episode: The Re-envision Quest & Goal Reflection Masterclass

Season #2 Episode #95

In this bonus episode, Brittny is sharing the replay from her Re-envision Quest & Goal Reflection Masterclass! In this masterclass, Brittny took participants through a 90 minute reflection practice that aids in...
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How to Put Mind Over Matter

Season #2 Episode #94

Brittny is talking all about Mind Over Matter…both the sentiment and her signature program that helps others turn rituals into habits, so you can live a life that is aligned with who you are at your core. She...
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Setting Goals from Abundance

Season #2 Episode #93

Brittny shares why in order to reach goals it’s important to set them from an abundant mindset. Living in abundance doesn’t require a raise or a new job or a new partner but rather, a new way of thinking which is why...
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Why Set Goals?

Season #2 Episode #92

In previous episodes, Brittny has talked about Goal setting but never really about why we set goals. Oftentimes it may seem like we’re just setting goals because it feels like the right thing to do or we’re...
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How to Use Mindfulness in Your Life and Business with Kayla Countryman

Season #2 Episode #91

Brittny is joined by business & wellness coach Kayla Countryman. Kayla helps female entrepreneurs create an intentional business that aligns with their soul through Social Media and Marketing support. By going...
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