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Gut Root Healing with Lindsey Renteria

Season #4

For this week’s episode on health, I am joined by Nurse Practitioner and gut health consultant Lindsey Renteria to discuss gut health and root cause healing. 

Lindsey thought she was taking care of herself by eating well and exercising, but she was suffering from multiple ailments, including Hashimoto's, constipation, acne, and acid reflux. She began working with a coach to repair her relationship with food by focusing on healing her root causes. As a nurse practitioner, she saw many people with the same ailments and decided to open her practice to help others repair their gut health. 

Lindsey specializes in helping busy, motivated women in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s who are struggling with IBS, IBD, and other chronic gut symptoms. She works with clients in a high-level 1:1 relationship to determine the root cause of their current struggles and develop individualized protocols that focus on healing the gut healing via sustainable lifestyle changes. 

Join us for a discussion on: 

  • What gut health is
  • What it means to find the root cause of your symptoms
  • How stress impacts your gut
  • Common misconceptions about gut health
  • How to identify top foods for improving gut health
  • How and why to start changing one meal at a time
  • How breathwork can help with gut health
  • How to find little pockets of time in your day to focus on breathwork
  • The connection between gut health and mental health challenges

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Connect with Lindsey:
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