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When the Work We Do for Ourselves Becomes Our Gift to Everyone Else with Sa'Von Sanders

Season #4

"I am committed" and "I know what to do".

Imagine being able to say these statements and mean them. That dream came true for Sa’Von after a lot of hard work and a coaching journey with me. 

In this episode, Sa’Von joins me to discuss her inspiring story of growth, self-discovery, and empowerment through coaching. She shares the insights she gained and the remarkable changes she experienced through the process.

Join us to hear how Sa’Von:

  • Reflects on her newfound sense of worthiness, cultivated through intentional effort.
  • Understands herself on a much deeper level.
  • Solves her struggles by harnessing newfound skills and techniques.
  • Reflects on her personal growth: building great relationships, achieving success, and tripling her salary.
  • Makes courageous decisions, including leaving a relationship that no longer served her.
  • Overcame commitment issues and embraced new beginnings, including entering a fulfilling relationship and expecting her first child.
  • Uses what she learned to improve relationships with friends and family and helps them understand the importance of seeking help when needed.
  • Believes that she has everything inside of her and knows she is capable.

Connect with Brittny:
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Email: [email protected]