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Human Design with Kaila O´Conner

Season #3

Today we talk about Human Design with Kaila O´Conner!

Kaila has been called impulsive and told to “give it the 24 hour rule” her entire life - only to discover she is a 6/2 splenic projector with a soul’s purpose to instinctually move through life in a way that often shocks people. Shortly after discovering human design, Kaila founded KMO Consulting - an Affiliate PR agency that operates very differently with every decision guided by her and her team’s human design chart.

Two years after starting KMO, Kaila understands the importance of how a person feels when they are doing the job. The feeling, the frequency is equally as important as the skill. Energy is the 50% that’s been missing from business strategies in the corporate industry. As an energetic business consultant, Kaila brings the energetic strategy piece using human design as a tool to articulate energy to CEOs and c-suite executives to ensure their employees feel happy, fulfilled, supported and productive.

Tune in and discover more!

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