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The only diet you need is a word diet with Sheena Jean

Season #3

The Word Diet has nothing to do with what goes in your mouth and everything to do with what comes out of it. In this experience, we’ll explore the foundation of creation & manifestation, the spoken word. Words are spells and the average person has a filthy word diet. Upgrading your language is a total flex and creates energetic shifts instantly that allow you to access desired states of being more easily.

Shenna Jean is a Vision Advisor & Sound Facilitator that helps individuals & teams shift mindsets, step into possibility, and create a new future for themselves using tools based in cognitive & somatic practices. She is a dynamic facilitator and coach that uses humor, relatability, sound + a wide variety of tools and resources to make personal development approachable for anyone who’s looking to explore it further.

Check out her podcast “Make One Day Happen”, a show that makes woo-woo relatable and tells stories of people who have made incredible things happen things with some woo in their journey.

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