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Celebrating Mama Milestones

Season #2

 Dear Friends: If you've been listening to my podcast for a while, you've been a part of every step of my journey—from the miscarriage to the subsequent pregnancy, to the birth,  to this step toward becoming a mother. And because I know that some of you are mothers or expectant mothers, I'd want to give you an update on where I am right now.

Since I've been six months postpartum, September represents a true change in seasons. I know that this transition into parenting rocked my world in the best manner possible, and it fits in very well with my life and the season I'm transitioning into.

I place high importance on an adventure, and becoming a mother is a brand-new adventure. What better way to share my story than to tell you about all the crazy experiences I had no idea existed? There have also been numerous learning blunders and, best of all, celebrations.

In this episode, Britany discusses;

  • What baby and mother milestones are
  • The good, bad, and ugly about parenting a newborn
  • The craziness, uncertainty, and joys of motherhood
  • Why you should acknowledge baby and mother milestones
  • Importance of celebrating baby and mother milestones
  • How to avoid anxiety, worries, and fears as a new mum
  • Why it's crucial, you still have fun in your post-partum season

Mentioned in this Episode and the Teaser at the end:

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