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How to Be Spiritual and Skeptical Simultaneously With Rachel White

Season #2

Brittny is joined by Rachel White, otherwise known as The Skeptical Shaman. Here for the spiritually homeless, Rachel blends real-world pragmatism, her sense of humor, and ancient tools and techniques into her practice as a trained shaman, medium, energy practitioner, self-published author, and flower essence maker. She is equal parts blunt as she is spiritually unique, breaking every preconceived notion of the traditional image of what it means to live a spiritual life. She is for the spiritually-curious but noncommittal who are looking for a more profound sense of meaning without feeling like they are joining a cult.


Brittny and Rachel discuss:

  • The science behind spirituality and ‘the woo’
  • Her own story of going from skeptical (and atheist) to spiritual
  • Tuning into and strengthening intuition as a life skill
  • The difference between fear and intuition 
  • How shamanism can support real abundance: financial, personal, and simply the phenomenon of “time having-ness.”
  • Embracing our whole selves and giving yourself permission


Connect with Rachel:

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