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Transforming Shame Into Freedom With Erin Bonnell

Season #2

Brittny is joined by former client, friend, fellow entrepreneur, and hype gal Erin Bonnell. Erin has overcome some of life’s most challenging circumstances and through her healing journey she has learned valuable lessons + insights that she wishes to share with others. After having dreamed of starting her own business for years, she now operates her own online store where she creates custom clothing with intentional designs. Her designs are inspired by her own personal journey and the personal development work that Brittny teaches. She loves helping people embody the person they want to show up as by creating something that they can physically wear with intention.

Brittny and Erin discuss:

  • What a trigger is
  • Triggers versus re-triggers and why we get re-triggered
  • How to navigate a re-triggering
  • Ways to reconnect to your body and feel safe
  • Dissociation within your body and what it feels like
  • Getting curious and building awareness around triggers
  • How Erin went from triggered to freedom
  • Taking messy, imperfect action
  • How and why our body and brain will block us off from certain experiences


Mentioned in this episode:

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk

Mind Body Connection with Patty Tapia (Episode 111 of The Positively Real Podcast)


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