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Why You Need a Doula with Peachy Burman

Season #2 Episode #103

Brittny is joined by friend and personal doula, Peachy. Peachy is a DONA trained doula in the greater Phoenix area and she is passionate about helping parents navigate the overwhelming joy that is the journey of birth. From prenatal consultations to labor and delivery to postpartum support, she is her clients personal champion and sidekick in their birth journey. Learning to be strong by letting go and surrendering has taught her what her body has been made to do and she uses that along with her training and knowledge to guide moms and partners so they can enjoy the unique moments of pregnancy, labor, birth and even the 4th trimester.

Brittny and Peachy discuss:

  • Peachy’s path to becoming a doula, following her purpose and calling in life
  • What a doula is and what it is not, common misconceptions around the profession
  • The four elements of care as it pertains to doulas: physical comfort measures, emotional support, informational support, advocacy
  • The role of a doula for both mom and partner and how it differs
  • How to know if a doula is right for you
  • What support looks like throughout the entire process from pre-labor to 4th trimester
  • The difference between doulas and midwives and how a doula is incorporated in the delivery team
  • Peachy’s personal experience with miscarriage and how her job as a doula empowers her to supporting others

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