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The Power of Choosing Your Own Reality with Ellicia Turner

Season #2 Episode #105

Brittny is joined by fellow Life Coach, Ellicia Turner. Ellicia helps ambitious people remember what’s possible for them after a lifetime of settling for less. Through the use of humor, quality coaching tools, and spirituality, she aims to support her clients in building the exact future they want. From how multiple future realities exist right now and the decisions we make today determine our own realities to how she overcame her own anxiety and depression without a prescription, Ellicia and Brittny break down the true power in choosing your own reality and why it’s possible for anyone. 

Episode Highlights:

  • What a coach is, and what to look for in a coach
  • Integrity, accountability, and finding someone who walks the talk
  • Why women are socialized to limit themselves and finding happiness at a mediocre level
  • Thought management
  • The importance of curiosity when it comes to coaching
  • Being open to feeling the difficult emotions
  • Why we should all be consistently evolving

Connect with Ellicia:

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