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what's the rush? an important question to help you slow down

hustle Jan 05, 2023

The other day I caught myself saying..."real quick" over and over again. 

I gotta send this email really quick

I gotta put this laundry away real quick

I gotta eat really quick

No wonder I always feel rushed; it's hidden in plain sight in the words I choose! Yes, REAL QUICK is my choice.

It got me thinking, why are we always in such a rush? 

It always feels like there needs to be more time, but that's not true. Time is what we make it.

When we habitually rush from thing to thing, we try to outrun negative emotions. 

Hustle away from the doubt, the disappointment, the frustration, and the distress.

Well, let me tell you, no amount of action can get you away from negative emotions.


Because the negative emotion stays in our bodies when we resist, react, or avoid it.

And the wild thing is, WE INVITE IT THERE. 

Yes, we invite negative emotions with our thoughts, and then we hold those emotions HOSTAGE. 

We create so much suffering by not allowing how we feel.

So what's the solution

Stop running from it and start being more.

Yes, that means sitting with discomfort, and let me tell you, it's temporary, but that doesn't mean it's not uncomfortable because it is.

So the other day, when I caught myself rushing from thing to thing, I paused and asked myself: what's the rush?

It instantly zapped me out of doing mode, and I dropped into the moment. So I slowed down my breathing and started to walk slower, and the things I was doing?

Well, I realized it was unimportant. 

So I went back inside to hang out with my family because that's where I wanted my attention. 

We get so caught up in being busy that we forget what matters.

It's essential to start to pay attention to where our energy is going. Is it aligned with WHO we want to be? If. Not you have a chance to refocus on what matters.

Next time you're in a rush - ask yourself why and refocus your energy and attention there. 

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