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slow down to speed up

calm Jun 05, 2023

Did you know that achieving your goals can be done from a place of calmness? It may sound surprising, but it's absolutely true.

There's no need to approach everything with a sense of urgency. In fact, I strongly urge you not to.

Allow me to explain.

When we take action from a state of calm, we become more deliberate and purposeful in our actions. We take the time to think things through before making decisions. And you know what? This leads to fewer mistakes and ultimately speeds up the process of reaching our goals.

Now, I understand that this may sound like some sort of magic trick or hocus pocus. But trust me, it's based on solid facts and reasoning.

When we're in a frantic state, desperately trying to take action, our thinking becomes clouded and unclear. We tend to act in a haphazard manner and only later do we realize what we should have done differently.

Instead, why not try taking action from a place of calm?

Before you jump into action or make any decisions, take a moment to check in with yourself. How do you feel in that moment?

If you notice feelings of rush, panic, or worry, it's a clear sign that it's not the right time to take action. Wait until you regain that sense of calmness before proceeding.

Believe it or not, this is the secret sauce to your success—slowing down and approaching things with a calm mindset.

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