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Why waiting for motivation is the wrong strategy

motivation Jan 16, 2023

Why waiting for motivation is the wrong strategy

The other day I saw someone post on their IG story that they are out of shape and need help getting motivated to work out again.

It got me thinking: Is motivation the best strategy to achieve our goals?


Motivation is such a fleeting emotion. We will be waiting a long time when we sit around and wait to feel motivated.

Motivation is an emotion that comes from our thoughts - it's this simple. So if you want to feel motivated, think thoughts that motivate you.

But what happens when those thoughts feel out of reach?
What happens when circumstances are less than ideal?

Instead of relying on motivation to reach your goals focus on your WHY.

To move forward without motivation daily, your WHY must be compelling. You will only take the necessary steps if it's clear and exciting.

Think about this: what would you initially pick if you had to choose between sitting on the couch or going to work out?

sitting on the couch (be honest)

It's not because you are lazy or lack motivation. It's just because that's how your brain is wired.

That's not to say you won't go work out, but your brain wants things to be easy with minimal effort, and to your brain, sitting on the couch is the answer.

But when your reason for wanting to work out, start the business, buy the dream house or anything else your heart desires is compelling - you won't need to feel motivated because you'll move forward with excitement about the possibility of change.

So if you have difficulty getting motivated this year - think about what you want and then ask yourself WHY at least five times. If you don't feel excitement or knowing, keep asking why until the truth reveals itself.

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