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I´m Brittny

I´m Brittny King - part life coach + part biz coach keeping it 100% positively real. 

I´m here to remind you of your worth and potential, guiding you on the journey to becoming the most fulfilled version of yourself. Whether it’s in your career or your life, it works because I´ve been through this journey myself. I´ve felt stuck, uninspired, and devitalized, but I have also made it to the other side.

Empowering and supporting ALL humans


My passion for community and bringing people together so they can feel seen and heard led me to my coaching journey.

I use my story and expertise to help propel my clients forward. My relatability, empathy, and optimism make me more than a coach – I genuinely get it, because I´ve been through it myself.

Together, we work to create a strategy, and learn how to manage your mind and emotions so that you can show up consistently through accountability into a full journey of self-discovery and purpose. So many powerful women have business ideas and passions they want to pursue. ohhhhh friend, I've been there.

Taking that first step can feel scary and overwhelming when you:

Don’t feel safe putting yourself out there
Keep running into roadblocks and just feel stuck
→ Doubt that you have what it takes and fears are holding you back
→ Want to be taken seriously but are worried about what other people think about you
→ Feel confused by all the things (hello, analysis paralysis!).
→ Are afraid to fail and can’t stop wondering if this thing will ever work.

 I´m here to remind you to take care of yourself and your heart. You have to feed your soul, mind, and body with positive fuel in order to find your purpose and live a fulfilling life. Remember, just because every cloud has a silver lining doesn´t mean

They´re not still clouds. It´s OK to acknowledge the darkness. In fact, you have to in order to find your light. And you better believe it´s in there friend!

Love yourself, own your happiness, and let your light shine! You are worthy of it. You are enough! 

With gratitude,



Let´s work together

See what happens when you have a safe space to stay accountable, upgrade your mindset, let go of limiting beliefs, stop worrying about the options of others and know you are supported every step of the way. 

Business Activator


For soul-centered coaches, creatives, and service providers who want to scale their online business, create consistent income and clients while making an impact.

In 90 days, you’ll walk away with strategies to land your dream clients over and over again, upgrade your mindset so you can start thinking and acting like a boss, and finally have a blueprint for how to activate your business to generate magnetic human connection! It’s time to go from floundering alone to creating results!  

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Work with Brittny

1:1 High Touch Coaching

3 or 6 month, private coaching container designed for 1:1 support, guidance,  and personalized breakthroughs. Learn the tools to create possibilities for your entire life or business! 

Limited spots are available per quarter.

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Your VIP Day includes 1:1 action planning in your business. In this premier coaching experience, you´ll receive a start-to-finish strategy for you to implement right away. We´ll move our bodies, meditate, eat nourishing foods, and get clear on what area of your business you want to focus on.


A journey of self-discovery. Learn how to go from being stuck and unmotivated to jumping out of your chair excited to live your best life in this incredible community. If you feel like you don’t have a place to feel seen and be heard, this community is your place. Regardless of your past or circumstances, you’ll learn how to build your self-confidence and overcome your mindset blocks so that you can start taking action toward your dream life.

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